We come to your office

A highly specialized Office Yoga Instructor will come to your office! At the office we can teach yoga behind the desk or on the mat.


We offer these sessions:

Yoga your way

Sequences are specifically designed to boost your energy and leave you with a calm and clear mind. It will reduce stress, empower your creativity & concentration and help you to stay happy and healthy.


A session includes: 

  • relaxation & breathing exercises
  • stretches for the neck & back
  • strengthening for the back & core muscles
  • mindfulness & body scan

Healthy people, happy business

Yoga makes you feel more relaxed, recharged & healthy! Being healthy at your work means more vitality, creativity and efficiency to reach your goals.  . 


Why yoga?

  • supports relaxation
  • releases tension and headaches
  • teaches stress management
  • increases energy, productivity & concentration